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the UNIIQ challenge

panel of guest judges

Kevin Goh

Data-driven Do-gooder

An avid lifelong learner, Kevin wears many hats - as a scholar, data scientist, and product manager in the public sector.

Stanley Ng

UNIIQ Founder

Veteran finance practitioner turned impact-focused entrepreneur, passionate about independent learning, edtech and sustainable social change.

Melvyn Yeo

Founder, TRIREC

Leading venture capitalist championing decarbonization and sustainability who has served on boards of climatetech companies and is deeply committed to bridging academia and venture capital for sustainable tech commercialization.

Judging Rubrics

Theme Relevance and Interpretation

  • Does the work effectively relate to the theme?

  • How well has this been interpreted and integrated into the content?

Intellectual Rigour and Academic Depth

  • Has there been deep academic exploration in the submission?

  • Does the work demonstrate understanding of pertinent concepts?

  • How effectively does the content analyze and synthesize related knowledge?

Personal Engagement, Learning Reflection

  • To what extent has the student engaged with the resources provided by UNIIQ?

  • How effectively has the personal learning journey been reflected upon?

Creativity, Originality, Audience Engagement

  • How creative and original is the approach?

  • Is the content presented likely to captivate its audience?

  • Does the submission have innovative and unique elements?

Submit your original
essay or video inspired
by the theme of

"Sustainability 2.0"

Draw inspiration from the resources
available on the UNIIQ platform,
and approach the theme from a range of
perspectives, depending on your interests.
Explore the latest technological
and innovations and scientific breakthroughs in
sustainability if you're passionate about
STEM, or examine the social and cultural
implications of Sustainability 2.0 if you're
interested in the Humanities and the Arts.

We can't wait to see your creative
contributions on this ever-relevant theme!


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